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Above are just some of the interesting historical characters that you might meet from Global History Buff. With so many historic characters from which to choose, we know that Global History Buff can meet your needs for any occasion! Through in-depth researching, we labor to portray actual historical events more>>
and characters as they happened, and to bring an accurate history to life, often down to the very words spoken whenever possible. When you hire our historic characters, you bring history to life! Our Roman Centurion will captivate your audience with tales of battles, armor, weapons and life during ancient times. more>>
Discover how our Crusader Knight brings the Age of Chivalry back, describes the importance of each piece of armor, castle life, fighting techniques and the effects of the Crusade. Discover a New World with renown Conquistador, Hernando DeSoto. No one could mistake the face of our first American President, more>>
George Washington; however there may be some things you did not know. Learn them firsthand from our expert politician. Experience a unique perspective of the Civil War from our Civil War Naval Officer. He will regale you with stories from the ship, describe his duties, and provide an important understanding more>>
about the Civil War. General George S. Patton always provided a commanding presence. When he drives up in his authentic military jeep, Patton will certainly command the attention of your class or audience! more>>
While these individuals may represent the primary characters we offer, we have several additional characters available for you to hire and enjoy as well. Please feel free to explore them and contact us to reserve your character today!

Featured Characters

Roman Centurion
Medieval Knight of the Crusades
Conquistador Explorer
George Washington
Civil War Naval Officer
General George S. Patton

Additional Characters We Offer:

Wild West Gunfighter
Med. Castle Architect
Titanic Officer
Martin Luther
Russian Cossack
Viet Nam Advisor

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