Do you remember your high school history classes? Remembering dates, falling asleep, bored to death, anxiously waiting for the class to end—it was anything but "living history." If those are your history class memories, then you need to see David Wiedenkeller's captivating Living History presentations. more>>
David brings a sense of authenticity and excitement to historical figures, rarely experienced in today's classroom. His passion for helping students get excited about history comes out of his personal enthusiasm and experience in making history live. more>>
For over fifteen years, his participation in living history displays in a variety of re-enactor organizations, has provided the opportunity for him to collect several authentic military uniforms, as well as the equipment from various periods of history. David enjoys portraying a number of historic figures in "first-person" or more>>
"in character" mode. He has been an historical keynote speaker for events ranging from a conventions, Patriotic holiday speaking, charity banquets, festivals, and Educational exhibits, to church-related demonstrations, and has portrayed diverse historic characters from a variety of time periods. more>>
This time traveling gentleman is particularly well known for his Roman Centurion at schools, homeschool associations, historic sites, business groups, conventions, government associations, churches, historical reenactments, civic gatherings, holiday events, charity fundraisers, social gatherings, parties, parades and other more>>
sites of interest. Keynote, educational, inspirational, motivational and interactive approaches are all possible, depending on the nature of your needs. Speeches and presentations have been and adapted to audiences of a few or of thousands, and for all ages and situations—from school assemblies, to historic sites, more>>
to professional gatherings. Though based in Wisconsin, he is available for appearances nation-wide and has enjoyed "portraying" historical characters in many parts of the country. In April 1999, David participated in the week-long Titanic Exhibition in St. Paul, MN, as survivor, First Officer Charles Lightoller. more>>
He portrayed that same character at the Titanic exhibit in April of 2009, at the museum in Milwaukee, WI. He has been featured on the television program, "Milwaukee on 24," which was dedicated entirely to his historical reenactments. He is a regular presenter at Barnes and Noble Bookstores, with experience speaking to a wide more>>
spectrum of audience ages—from elementary school to college level classes. In 2009, He was even asked by the city of Milwaukee to portray General George S. Patton for a Memorial Day celebration speech. Additionally, he actively participates with several living history exhibitors around the country to maintain his passion more>>
for sharing history with everyone he can. Mr. Wiedenkeller is much more than a "costumed character" though. He holds a Master's degree in Public History, and a certification in Museum Studies from the Milwaukee Public Museum, which has aided his life-long study of history. more>>
As a result, he strives to maintain that historical authenticity through his uniforms, weapons and appearance from head-to-toe, while also keeping a wonderful approachability with his audience. See those results for yourself and contact us today to hire a historical character.
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What is a Living Historian?

A living historian is not an actor or a role player, or on the same level as hiring Barney the dinosaur for a birthday party. Their primary focus is presenting history from a first-person perspective. A person who studies to live history, completes decades of research, and brings that information by spending time to create authenticity of the time period(s) with the knowledge they have available of that era. Then, they encapsulate that information into a well-developed individual personality. When you hire a historical character from Global History Buff, you are getting someone who is passionate enough about history to bring it to life for all those he encounters.

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Some Quotes from Happy Clients:

"The accuracy of the informational dialogue, detailed costumes and accompanying accessories, places you in an exciting time warp! His performances have literally been 'show stoppers.'" ~ Carol M. Micale CRM. Barnes & Noble, Brookfield, WI

"As a teacher, I found David to be knowledgeable and his presentation authentic. Particularly helpful was his ability to adjust his answers to the level of the question asked by the student." ~ Lawrence Stys, Teacher, S. Milw. Middle School

"Your presentation was interesting and education. You have wonderful, authentic visuals that really add to your presentation. They are items I would never be able to provide for my lessons." ~ Pam Simerson, Teacher, S. Milw. Middle School

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